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Latest press releases

  • Ein Rudel „Schattenwölfe“ (Canis dirus) frisst von einem Bison, während sich ein Paar grauer Wölfe (Canis lupus) in der Hoffnung auf Beute nähert.
    13 Jan 2021 Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones wolves

    Extinct dire wolves split off from other wolves nearly six million years ago and were only a distant relative of today’s wolves, according to new research published in Nature

  • Bronze Age market scene at the Levant
    22 Dec 2020 Archaeology: The aroma of distant worlds

    Exotic Asian spices such as turmeric and fruits like the banana had already reached the Mediterranean more than 3,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought.

  • 15 Dec 2020 Pandemic brings record fall in global CO2 emissions

    The Global Carbon Project, of which LMU geographer Julia Pongratz is a leading member, reports an unprecedented drop in the level of carbon emissions since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Media inquiries

Are you looking for expert advice or seeking topics for your reporting? If so, contact us directly, and we will help you to arrange interviews with representatives of the University and with appropriate experts in its Faculties.

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Claudia Russo, Leitung Kommunikation und Presse
Claudia Russo

Head of Communications and Media Relations, Press Spokesperson to the President

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+49 89 2180-2706

Katrin Röder, Stellvertretende Leitung Kommunikation und Presse
Katrin Röder

Deputy Head of Communications and Media Relations

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+49 89 2180-3254

Media Inquiries to Munich University Hospital

Media inquiries specifically concerning the Munich University Hospital system should be addressed directly to the Pressestelle des Klinikums.

Filming and photography on campus

Are you planning to report on LMU, and would like to film or take photographs on campus? If so, we can help you.

Filming and photography on LMU's campuses require prior permission from the University. Please contact the Press and Media Relations Office in good time before the intended date of your visit. Complete the application form you then receive or send the completed form by e-mail to Following assessment of your request, you will receive the necessary permission for your project.

Requests from commercial entities should be addressed to the Division of Maintenance and Properties.

Requests for permission to film on the premises of the Munich University Hospital system should be addressed to the Pressestelle des Klinikums.

Download of press photos and video footage

High-resolution press photos of print quality (300 dpi) and video footage are available for download (without charge) here. Just click on the photo you want. Please abide by the stipulations in relation to copyright and use of this material. Found nothing suitable? Our picture editors will be glad to help.