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Here you will find the frequently asked questions & answers about the LMU User ID, web services and studies.

If you have further questions, please feel free to submit a request via our contact form.

For detailed information on the LMU user ID (formerly campus ID), please visit LMU User ID.

LMU User ID (former campus ID)

The LMU User ID is a combination of mail address and password that is used for most logins at LMU.

(e.g. LMU portal, PC rooms in the HGB, LSF/exam registration).

For students it has the ending "@campus.lmu.de" and for employees "@lmu.de".

Further information can be found under E-mail / Mailbox.

The LMU user ID is required for the following logins, among others:

  • WLAN
  • LMU portal
  • LSF/exam registration
  • Mailbox access
  • E-media login of the UB (access to e-media)
  • various PC rooms at the LMU
  • various study portals


When you enroll, you will receive a letter with your access data (temporary user name and temporary password). With these data you can carry out the initial registration.


Please send an e-mail to the IT Service Desk of the LMU. You will receive a letter with your access data (preliminary username and preliminary password). With these data you can log in for the first time.

As a clinic employee, you can export your data to our directory service via the clinic portal. Then use the following data:

Start ID: [clinic portal username]@med.lmu.de
Start password: "External clinic password".

You can reset the external password via the clinic portal if necessary.Please note that it may take some time (~15-60 min) to export the data.

Senior and visiting students

Please come to the LMU IT service desk in person. Remember to bring your senior or visiting student ID and a photo ID.

If you are unable to attend, you may also send a substitute.

Non-matriculated visiting students and doctoral candidates; visiting lecturers.

Please fill out the LMU User ID Application (PDF, 112 KB) (PDF, 182 KB) and send it to us.

  • LMU students automatically receive an e-mail with an individualized link for the initial registration or activation of the LMU user ID as part of the enrollment process.
  • Employees automatically receive a letter with start ID and start password at the beginning of their employment at LMU.
    • On the LMU portal website, please select the link "Initial registration".
    • Then enter your combination of start identifier and start password.
    • You can set up the identifier and set your own password.

If you have not received any access data, please write an e-mail to it-servicedesk@lmu.de.

If possible, please provide all your master data (surname, first name, address, date of birth, matriculation number or office).

Students, seniors and visiting students.

If you have a password question defined, please email it-servicedesk@lmu.de.

If this is not the case, please come to the IT Service Desk in person.

It is required that you bring both your student ID and a photo ID.

If you are unable to attend, you may send an authorized substitute.


If you have a defined password issue, please email it-servicedesk@lmu.de.

Alternatively, please contact us by phone to obtain a new password.

  • Melden Sie sich im LMU-Portal an.
  • Wählen Sie den Menü-Punkt „Benutzerkonto“ im oberen rechten Bereich.
  • Wählen Sie den Punkt „Passwort ändern“ und definieren Sie ein neues Passwort.

Web services

  • Please note that your password is case sensitive.
  • As a rule, user names do not have to be correctly capitalized.
  • In the following, only "@campus.lmu.de" is treated. This is representative of "@lmu.de" or "@med.lmu.de" of employee accounts.
  • As a hospital employee, please use your "external password" at the hospital as the "password of the LMU user ID" (formerly campus ID).

Before any of the LMU web services can be used, the initial login must first be performed.

After the initial login, the user account created during the process still needs to be synchronized with the available services, which may take up to 24 hours depending on the service

Link: http://www.portal.lmu.de
Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) WITHOUT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Username: LRZ-Kennung@eduroam.mwn.de
Password: Password of the LMU user ID (former campus ID)

Link: http://www.lmu.de/serviceportal
Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) WITHOUT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Access to the service portal of the Central University Administration (ZUV) is reserved for LMU employees.

Link: http://www.teams.portal.lmu.de
Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) WITHOUT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Prerequisite for the use of LMU teams is the release of your LMU user ID:

  • Log in to the LMU portal.Select the menu item "User account" in the upper right area.
  • Select the "LMU Teams" item to unlock your identifier.
  • For more information, please refer to the LMU Teams help pages.

Link: http://www.lsf.lmu.de
User name: LMU user ID (former campus ID) WITHOUT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Important for employees:

If you have multiple roles/tasks at LMU, you can change them after logging in by clicking on the role displayed to you.

Link: https://emedien.ub.uni-muenchen.de
Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) MIT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

The e-media login replaces EasyProxy, which was previously in beta testing. In the future, all UB digital media will be accessible via this link.

Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) MIT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

For Shibboleth, no link can be specified because it is a central authentication service responsible for some Moodle instances, for example.

In order for authentication to take place, it is important that you always go through the login page of the respective Moodle and NOT bookmark the Shibboleth page. In this case Shibboleth would not know which service you should be redirected to.

Link: https://syncandshare.lrz.de
Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) MIT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Please follow the usage guidelines and security recommendations when using LRZ Sync+Share.

Holders of a @med.lmu.de identifier (employees of the clinics) cannot log in with this identifier at the moment. Please use your LRZ identifier to log in.

For detailed information, please refer to the LRZ Sync+Share FAQ.

Link: https://www.printservice.uni-muenchen.de
Username: Number of your Legic card (Mensa card)Password: not required

Read the UB's Cloud Printing webpage for more information.

Link: https://www.mecum-online.de/intern/login/
Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) WITHOUT "@campus.lmu.de".
Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Please note: This portal is only accessible to members of the medical faculty. As a student in your first semester, MeCuM-Online will be unlocked for you very shortly before the semester starts.

If you have any questions specifically about this online portal, please use the MeCuM contact form.

Username: LMU user ID (former campus ID) MIT "@campus.lmu.de"Password: Password of the LMU user ID
Here you will find detailed instructions on how to log in using a VPN client.

Owners of an "@lmu.de" address (employees) do not have a "real" mailbox, but only a forwarding service.

The "@lmu.de" address should - if possible - be forwarded to the faculty address.

It is therefore not possible to log in to the mailbox with an "@lmu.de" address.

LMU portal

Webmail of the LRZ: Roundcube

In both cases there are links that explain how the mailbox works in more detail.

Are you having problems receiving emails to your @campus.lmu.de address?

If you have not already done so, please first switch off forwarding by removing the existing email entry. To do this, log in to the LMU portal and go to User account -> Email settings -> Change email forwarding.

The mail system in the LMU portal is sometimes unable to load emails or attachments due to the current security configuration. In this case, try uploading and downloading via the LRZ webmail service.

The user name is your LRZ ID (you can find it in the LMU portal in the user account overview). The password is the same as in the LMU portal.

User name: LRZ ID
Password: Password of the LMU user ID (former campus ID)

Notes and explanations on configuring the mailbox and the LRZ ID.


General questions about studying can be answered by the Study Information Service (SIS).

Please contact the appropriate academic advisor or program coordinator.

Notes on the login procedure are also covered in this FAQ:
How do I log in to the online course catalog LSF?

For further questions please read theHelp for the Online Course Catalogue (LSF)

Lecturers: "Search for persons" in the online course catalog (LSF).

You can reach the LMU switchboard at +498921800

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