The Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme

Do you want to do an internship in another European country? The Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant offers financial support to registered students and doctoral candidates as well as to graduates.

For internships in the UK, a Temporary Worker-Government Authorized Exchange visa (T5) is required. Please refer to the additional information for internships in the United Kingdom.
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The grant installments for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Abroad Programme vary depending on your country of destination, and currently range from 435 to 600 euros per month. Consult your faculty as to whether internships abroad can be accredited for your studies.

Short and sweet — here's how it works:

  • Search independently for an internship or an opportunity to complete your dissertation / final project
  • Write an email including your basic details to LMU Career Services
  • Complete and sign our Learning Agreement (students, faculty, LMU Career Services, host organization).
  • Apply online via MoveON (at least four weeks before your internship begins)
  • Receive a confirmation from LMU Career Services
  • Complete further steps to receive your first grant installment
  • Send your final documents via MoveON for the second installment

Grant requirements

To apply for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Internship is during your studies
    • Internship or dissertation / final project in another European country
    • You are registered at LMU (up to and including doctoral studies)
  • Internship is planned for after your degree program
    • Internship in another European country
    • Internship period is within one year after your graduation
    • You are registered at LMU (up to and including doctoral studies) at the time of your application
    • Exmatriculation has occured before you start your internship

  • Full-time internships of 30 hours or more per week or 12 hours of instruction per week for teaching internships
  • Voluntary and mandatory internships
  • Types of internships: regular internships, research internships, practical final dissertation or semester-project internships, mandatory internships, voluntary internships or graduate internships
  • Paid and unpaid internships
  • Relevant to your degree program
  • Internship duration of at least two to a maximum of 12 months Please check the length of your internship. If it is shorter than 60 days, you can apply for a scholarship offered by the Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs. Here, the minimum duration of your internship is only 53 days.

Internships in EU institutions as well as institutions managing EU programs are excluded from Erasmus+ funding. You can see which institutions this applies to on the EU website. These internships can be funded by a separate DAAD program.

For the funding year 2020 and onwards, it is possible to do an internship in line with the following options:

  • 1. Option: internship at the location of the institution offering your internship
  • 2. Option: blended learning internship, where a part of the internship is completed online from your home country (in this case, Germany) and the other part is completed at the location itself, i.e. in person, at the institution offering your internship. Here, only the section at the location is funded. This section may not last less than the minimum funding period of two months. Only the part at the location itself and in person will count towards your Erasmus+ contingent. Benefit: We issue a "Diploma Supplement" for your entire internship and not only for the part done at the location itself.
  • 3. Option: online internship, which takes place online from your home country (Germany). You won't receive any financial support, and the internship period won't count towards your Erasmus+ contingent either. Benefit: The framework for this set up is regulated administratively through our Learning Agreement. We will issue a "Diploma Supplement" for the entire period of your internship. You can also participate in intercultural awareness training to get prepared, even if you mobility only takes place online.

Please indicate your preferred internship option on your application.

From the initial application to receipt of your final documents

Please email the following information to prior to applying:

  • Exact date of the beginning of your internship (e.g. Monday, the...)
  • Exact date of the end of your internship (e.g. Friday, the...)
  • Location of your internship
  • Country of your internship
  • Your faculty at LMU (number and name)
  • Have you already participated in the Erasmus+ Programme (study exchange / internship)? Yes/No; if yes, how many months have you already received funding for?
  • Internship type: mandatory internship, voluntary internship, or graduate internship
  • Name of your internship institution
  • Grant: Erasmus+

After this, you'll receive a link to the application portal from us.

Without these basic details we can't process your application!

Application deadline: latest four weeks before you start your internship and for internships in UK 3 months prio to the internship start!

Please apply through the MoveON portal. Please select the online form „Application Scholarships for International Internships“ in the portal.

The following documents must be uploaded to apply for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant:

Please note: The Learning Agreement for Traineeships must be signed by all three parties (student, faculty/LMU Career Services, host organization) when you submit your application. Please consult our Checklist (PDF, 243 KB) for specific information for students from different departments. Here you will also find a good overview of all the steps and documents that need to be completed or submitted before, during and after your Erasmus traineeship.

  • Grant Agreement: This document will be sent to you by email. It must be signed twice and then sent to LMU Career Service. You can either mail these two original versions or hand them in in person. In advance, you can also submit a scan of the documents by mail to LMU Career Service.
  • OLS language test: An invitation to the language test will be sent automatically by mail from the OLS system. On the OLS platform, you can also take free, tutored online language courses. Please note: Native speakers don't need to take this test.
  • Graduate internships: Submit your exmatriculation certificate as soon as you receive it.

After that, you'll receive the first grant installment.

If your internship is extended by more than five days, you must request for this extension by submitting the Learning Agreement for Traineeship - Changes. This must be scanned in and submitted by mail to LMU Career Service at least one month before you originally planned on ending the internship.

  • Traineeship Certificate (DOCX, 66 KB) completed and signed by your internship employer.
    Please note: We don't accept pre-dated documents!
  • Internship report (DOC, 69 KB)
  • Your registration certificate — if the confirmation submitted with your application doesn't cover the entire period of your internship.
  • EU survey (only for internships in the UK or that started before October 1, 2021): You will automatically receive your access information from the EU database.
  • Career tip: Your internship provider can issue an accredited reference for you. This reference looks great in future applications!

Please upload all final documents in one go to the MoveON portal no later than 30 days after ending your internship. You have already received the link to this portal with your application.

For more detailed information on the documents listed above and on Erasmus+ traineeship mobility, please refer to our Checklist (PDF, 243 KB).

Further information

  • Conducted by SINIK (Student Initiative for Intercultural Competence)
  • When you have provided us with your basic details, we will automatically inform you of the next training session.

  • Students with disabilities: Please provide us with the degree of your disability (disability ID card). Special funding is available from a degree of disability of 30 for the UK and from a degree of disability of 20 for all other Erasmus+ countries.
  • Students with children: Please let us know if you have children and are traveling with them.
We will inform you about special fundings as soon as we have gathered all the relevant information.

  • Per study cycle (bachelor, master, doctoral studies), students can make use of a maximum of 12 months of Erasmus+ funding. These months can be divided into several study and internship periods. Exception: teacher education/medicine/law students can make use of a maximum of 24 months of Erasmus+ funding
  • Since a graduate internship is formally part of your previous study cycle, you must have at least two Erasmus+ months left over from your previous study cycle to apply and be eligible for funding.

Addtional Information for Internships in the UK

Temporary Worker - Government Authorised Exchange visa (T5)

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For all those who return from the internship in the UK by the end of September 2022, we can guarantee funding through Erasmus.

For internships in the UK you need a "Temporary Worker-Government Authorized Exchange visa (T5)". Please read the information on the visa website carefully!

In the context of your Erasmus application at LMU, please also note the following:

  • Apply for the scholarship at least 3 months before the start of the internship, otherwise the deadlines for the visa cannot be met.
  • We or your employer must apply for a "Certificate of Sponsorship" for you at the British Council. For this we need certain documents from you. We will inform you separately by e-mail which documents these are. Once we have submitted the complete documents to the British Council, it takes 5 weeks until we receive your "Certificate of Sponsorship".
  • With the "Certificate of Sponsorship" you apply for the corresponding visa. You should receive the visa after 3 weeks. Please make sure that you have gathered all other documents for the visa application in time!
  • For research placements of up to 6 months no visa is required. It is important that you use words like "reserach" or "researcher" instead of "work placement", "internship" or "traineeship" in the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement.
Please also note that you will have to pay additional costs for the visa and health insurance. The LMU Career Service subsidizes this with 300 euros in addition to the Erasmus scholarship.


Do you have any further questions on this program? Then you're welcome to contact us for a consultation!

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